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You will find here the range of profiles and illustrations corresponding to the price list of our ripple moulding designs. We create these wooden strips applying an ancient method that uses scraping technique that is complicated to bring out the unique characteristics of ripple moulding .






Natural mouldings


Coloured mouldings




Blankframes for gilders




Special Offers for restorers and planners .

Special production of your models or diagrams is possible with a minimum requirement length of 1m.

Delivery period for special requests will take 1-2 weeks only! see price example

It will be pleasure to send you our brochures at your request- Contact us now!

Applying the

Rippled mouldings

The Rippled or Waveform moldings originated during the renaissance period and was reasonably widespread with the popularity of handmade rippled mouldings for furniture, special panels for portals. churches, unique picture frames and jewellery cases. The inventor of the rippled mouldings was Johann Schwanhardt,who was born in Rothenburg and resided in Nürnberg during the early 17th century. The mouldings required a lot of strength and skill to bring out its subtle variation and character. Throughout centuries, this forms were always recognised for their beautiful and time consuming handwork.

We hope that this special mouldings are useful and valuable for your profession as antique cabinet maker, carpenter, restorer, gilder and sculptor.


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Update: January 2010