Pricelist  2010

Prices in Euro without value- added tax



Rippled mouldings (Waveform mouldings)



26/F , 26/F2

2a/S , D/F , D/S

1a/F2 , B/S , 14/F


1 Meter





all others 13,08

Type of wood



Pearwood ( it is best used for the scraping technique) or

Pinewood ( slightly rough)

At request for other types of wood (Surcharge)

Excellent quality of natural wood

Using a light raw surface for a profile cross-section ensures no quality defects.
Special requests

Special requests for a custom-made manufacture is possible with a minimum requirement length of 1m when diagrams or samples are sent along.

Completion and delivery will be within 1- 2 weeks

New cross-section  (custom-made profile) 54,50

New Longitudinal Sections (custom-made templates in longitudinal waves) 54,50

It is not necessary to custom-make longitudinal templates as most of it available through the numerous requests that we receive.

Special request for 1 Meter in Pearwood:   Price 67,58 (when Lengthwise template is available)

Cost of every extra Meter 13,08

Single model

Assortment of samples


1 Piece  á 25 cm   3,49

25 Pieces á 25 cm  87,21

Per Telephone oder Fax (+43-6244-20276), E-Mail or Post.

Please indicate specifically if it is a Cross-section or Longitudinal section, for example. 1/S or 14/F usw.


Packing and transport costs will be charged to the buyer’s account.

Payment within 14 days without discounts
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